Halong Grottoes

Luon cave

Luon cave located in Bo Hon island. It is 14km in south from Bai Chay beach. Near Turtle island and Suprise Cave. In right of ” Heaven Gate ” where wall of rock is sheer. The water of 4 reasons in turquoise as a grass. Closing to water, have a gate of arc open at the

Dau Go Cave

Overview Floating on the emerald water, Dau Go Island (Wooden Head Island) is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in Halong Bay. Inside Đầu Gỗ Island, tourists will find Dau Go Cave a very interesting cave. >> Ho Dong Tien (Fairy Lake Cave) >> delta mekong tour Natural features From afar, the cave entrance is a jellyfish look-alike 90

Ho Dong Tien (Fairy Lake Cave)

Ho Dong Tien (Fairy Lake Cave) is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. Due to its special values of geology, geomorphology and formation history of Halong Bay, Ho Dong Tien so far is reserved for the environmental ecology classroom (Ecoboat) and specialists for researches only. Ho Dong Tien has a typical structure

Tien Ong Cave

Tien Ong Cave is the newest addition to the vast collection of 2000 islets in the World Heritage Halong Bay. The name Tien Ong Cave is yet to ring a bell to many tourists, but the cave is on its way to become a star in Halong itinerary. >> Vung Ha Island >> Halong sapa tours

Thien Canh Son Cave

Overview Halong Bay is a huge cave consisting of three chambers.mong the stalactites of the first hall, scores of gnomes appear to be holding a meeting. The walls of the second chamber sparkle if bright light is shone on them. The pathway to Thien Canh Son Cave is set below the forest canopy and a

Trinh Nu Grotto

The Trinh Nu Grotto or Virgin Grotto is situated on the island range of Bô Hon in the system comprising the Sung Sôt Grotto, Dong Tiên Lake and Luon Grotto. It is 15 km south of Bai Cháy Beach. For fishermen, the Virgin Grotto is their house, but for young lovers, it is considered as

Thien Cung Grotto

Thien Cung Grotto (Heavenly Cave) is situated on Dau Go Island (Wooden Stakes Island) in the southwestern Halong Bay and about 4 kilometers from tourism wharf. Thien Cung Grotto is at the height of 25 meters above the sea level. Visiting the grotto, tourists will feel like visiting an art museum with variety of sophisticated

Me Cung Cave

Me Cung Grotto (Bewitching Grotto) is situated on Lom Bo Island, about 2 kilometers far from Ti Top Island to the southwest.The mouth of Me Cung Cave is on the height of 25 meters above the sea level. The space inside is divided into many small chambers.

Kim Quy Grotto

Kim Quy Grotto (Golden Tortoise Grotto) was formed in Dam Nam Islet, near Soi Sim Islet. It’s about 12 kilometers far from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. Kim Quy Grotto is 100 meters long and stretches in a north-south direction. The grotto’s widthranges from 5 to 10 meters.

Hanh Cave Halong Bay Vietnam

Hanh Cave is located at the foot of Quang Hanh Lime – stone Mountain, about 20 kilometers far from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.Hanh Cave is not only the most beautiful but alsothe longest cave in Halong. It has the length of 1.300 meters, runs along lime-stone mountain range of Quang Hanh