Deluxe Cruises

White Dolphin Cruise

Overview White Dolphin Cruise providing an intimate small-junk experience with refined luxury, the two petit white dolphins are the ultimate way to cruise the Halong Bay’s over 10 000 islets and islands. The sun deck is comprised of a bar with ample outdoor seating, an observation area for watching the bay’s sublime beauty. There are 2

Emotion Cruise

Overview One of the best ways to discover the natural beauty of the bay is onboard Emotion Cruise, designed to give you the best service you could possibly wish for. Watch the scenery go by with a nice glass of wine and do as much or as little as you feel like on your holiday.

Pelican Cruise

Overview Pelican Cruise – A new cruising art in Halong Bay. Founded 2011, Pelican Luxury Cruise, branch of Image Halong Cruise LTD offers a pioneering new generation of vessels with both uncompromising quality and safety standards. Offering a 5-stars cruise experience in Halong Bay, Our fleet’s outstanding settings will be yours for the whole length

Halong Violet Cruise

Experience the beauty of Vietnam ‘s top attraction: Halong Bay on our Luxury Cruise Collection: Halong Jamine, Halong Ginger and Halong Violet cruise. Halong Cruise collection provides a selection of top luxury cruises on the bay. Easy check rate & availability of all Halong boats and get rapid responses. We pick the best Halong cruises

Paradise Peak Cruise

1, Overview Paradise Peak is Paradise Cruises’ latest masterpiece, a sumptuous floating hotel that has redefined the boundaries of Five Star cruising by providing a supreme level of luxury to its prestigious passengers in their most memorable Halong Bay Tours. >> Golden cruise 2, Facilities and services In all aspects, Paradise Peak seems to mirror

Golden Cruise

Being one of the largest and most qualified Halong Bay cruises, Golden Cruise guarantees customers five-star services and experiences. Its 48 cabins are elegantly designed with iron frame and luxuriously decorated with royal wooden interiors and European standard amenities. Such excellent facilities combine with devoted cruise staffs; surely you will have beautiful and memorable memories

La Vela Premium Cruise

Like its name, La Vela Premium Cruise is a luxury vessel offering a premium cruising experience through Halong Bay. It is one of the two splendid members of La Vela Cruises launched by Paradise Vietnam, which has many years of experiences in cruising and has gained a lot of good reputation. La Vela Premium is

Gray Line Cruise

Built in 2013, Gray line Ha long is the newest Classic cruise of 113-years worldwide brand Gray Line Cruise. Spreading over 3 decks with 14 luxury cabins, it offers boutique interiors with oak-wooden wall. All rooms and bathrooms have large sea view. VIP cabin (Suites) has private terrace, Jacuzzi bathtub and private balcony. More different

Aclass Opera Cruise

Aclass Opera cruise offers a one-of-a-kind experience aboard the traditional oriental-style boat. Our crews provide you with first-class service throughout the length of your journey. That makes your vacation be a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The cruise liner contains twenty-one spacious cabins, full of luxury equipments with private en-suite bathroom, a large sundeck, elegant

Indochina Sails Cruise

Being inspired by classical Eastern junks in 13th-14th century, three cruises under Indochina Sail Cruise line have a same theme of wood and silk. The exterior design makes the cruises look like traditional junks sailing in Halong Bay in 13th-14th century and they are made of an extremely rare aromatic wood named gỗ hương. Last